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We can arrange full production team as per your project needs in any Indian cities, be it full length movie or tv commercials, corporate film or documentary productions in Mumbai

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  • Directors
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  • Art Director
  • Gaffers
  • Grips
  • Executive producer
  • Assistant directors  
  • Make-Up Artists        
  • Production Assistants    
  • Production Coordinators
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Our Development Team

Ajit Sable
Director, Eye Focus

Ajit started his career with acting in various Hindi and Marathi films along with theatre. He then moved to television as a director and writer. He has also worked as an assistant to director Tigmanshu Dhulia. Ajit Sable founded Eye focus Entertainment & Eye Focus Studio in 2020. He have team that brainstorms with you to shape your identity, push your idea, and manage the workflow from pre-to post-production. They are specialists for video production, company magazines, music films and corporate films. As a film production company based in Mumbai, he operate all around the world and can offer a worldwide network of professional partners. Since 2011, under Pragati Creative Film Makers banner he has shot more than 20 short format videos (commercials, music videos, documentaries, & short films).

To pursue a career in acting, he joined N.M. Joshi college (M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication). During his college years, he acted in more than 30 one-act plays for his college in Marathi, Hindi, English as well as Gujarati. The Best Marathi Movie "Fandi" (2018) his one of the successful movie directed by himself.

In the dream city of Mumbai, everyone comes with a dream. Ajit Sable's story 'Tea to Director' from Khanapur village of Kolhapur district, which is considered to be a cinema pandhari, is inspiring. After working in 16 famous plays, 6 series, 5 films and 4 short films, Ajit is making his first film as a writer-director.

Ajit grew up in a family with no background in the industry, as opposed to 'drama means no begging'. In the songi bhajans (amateur dramas) performed on the occasion of pilgrimage to the village, 'Songadya' he used to work with great interest. In order to pursue a career in this, Ajra reached Mumbai without listening to anyone while studying in 6th standard in high school.

In 'MyBoli Vahini', 'NDTV Vahini', 'Mee Marathi', 'Sahyadri Masti' and 'Colors Vahini', Ajit started his acting, writing and directing career. He is now working as the writer-director of Venkatvardhan Narasimha Iyengar's upcoming film 'Patri Boyz' on behalf of War Film Entertainment.

Ganesh Jadhav
Director, Eye Focus

Ganesh Pandurang Jadhav (born in 1991) is a Marathi Writer, Actor and Assistant Director. He is known for the revival of Sangeet Natak (Musicals) and long five act plays. He started Eye focus Entertainment & Eye Focus Studio in 2020, which produces Marathi plays, movies, dramas, etc. His Fandi was the Marathi movie, where he worked with Ajit Sable. In 2018, he was seen in the Marathi film, Patri Boyz. He went on to produce two movies, the first one being Patri Boyz, is an Emotional-Romantic Musical-Social-Thriller Family Drama Marathi Film crafted with excellence by Ajith Maruti Sable. In 2019, Ganesh also work in Short Films & Drama, 'Be Alert'.

Jadhav has won the 2018 Screen Award in the Best Actor category for his role in the Marathi film.

Jadhav's early education was in a convent school. He started learning classical music and acting when he was 8. His first contact with arts came when he did an important performance of the Marathi play, in front of his class, in school. The teachers found out and he then began performing for annual days and other public events. He was a student of Shivraj College, Mumbai, where he was studying to become a Bachelor of Business Management. In 2012, Jadhav started acting in plays for Marathi Films, Mumbai's intercollegiate theatre competition. He has also work as assistant director in several short films, drama and movies.

Jadhav remains optimistic. "People have been lamenting about the eventual death of theatre since I can remember," he said in interview with The 'Chakkar' recently