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About Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment

About us

Eye Focus is a full-service video production company based in. We have successfully executed video production assignments for major brands, ad agencies, Corporate Companies and small businesses nationwide.

We set up our production house ‘Eye Focus’ in the year 2011 with the intent of producing content that is emotional, aesthetic and informative. We have directed and produced over 200 ads & films.

Who are we?

Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment was formed in the year 2011 to produce Movie. Over the subsequent years, both has branched its presence in other forms of media like documentaries, Ad Films, Corporate Videos, 2D Animations, Explainer Videos, and Digital Marketing. The client base includes different industries located in various parts of India. Right from understanding the client’s requirement to delivering the output, everything executed under one roof.

Our productions are high-quality with stunning visuals, top-notch graphics and animations. Each video is produced based on the requirements of the delivery channel; whether it is TV commercials, Corporate video, Online video platforms or social media platforms.

The goal and our plans in the anvil are a full-fledged Post Production facility under one roof and an Academy to train and encourage budding talents for the industry.


Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment are post production companies specialising in high definition "DIGITAL POST PRODUCTION". With a wealth of experience across the industry, Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment has worked with some of the biggest production houses in the counrty & overseas to deliver the top quality content. Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment has also worked with several blue-chip companies to produce high quality video content for the corporate sector and is continuing to Grow.


Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment specialise in creating high quality video content for media,web and mobile applications.Our Avid and Final Cut pro edit suits bring the latest HD & 2 K technology to the offline and online environment allowing for the ultimate creative process.Our Grading, Sound Design & Visual Effects facilities will ensure your project is finished to the highest possible braodcast standard as demanded by the 21st century audience.To find out more,check out our Services.


At Eye Focus Client focus is Paramount. We work hard at building the relationships necessary to achieve creative excellence and are proud of that fact. Our certified team of professional editors & motion graphic designer /VFX heads will bring your ideas to Life. with a wealth of experience in the films,commercials,corporate and new media industry,Eye Focus Studio & Eye Focus Entertainment will take your project to a whole new level.

Services We Do


Motion Graphics are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Corporate Videos

Short Films/Documentary Films

Advertisements (Print, TV, Radio & Online promotions)

Event Co-ordination

Film production