Location Scouting

Real emotion needs real people and real places. There are times when a studio or backlot simply won’t do. That’s where we come in, as your film fixer and line production partners, we find the perfect filming spot for the shoot. Our scouts are continually cataloging new filming locations, adding to our ever-expanding database. Film in the most iconic places in India with us, and we will secure the equipment, crew, and filming permissions for you.

Line Production

Line Production Services is the core specialty we specialize in, arranging film shoot! Highly skilled production team & camera crew, world class post production facilities & movie studios, blend with the cutting age technology are easily available at a reasonable cost! Film & video production companies, ad agencies, film directors, documentary & corporate filmmakers looking for local line Producer in the country of colours & cultural diversity, the local traditions which you will never exists anywhere in the world.

Equipment & Crew

Our filming crews come onboard with lots and lots of positive attitude and a burning passion for filming. Key members of our filming crews are proficient in English, other regional languages, helping you synergize with local artists and other crew members. As far as filming equipment is concerned, from Alexa, Canon, Genesis, RED, and Sony camera equipment to lighting solutions from Arri, Chapman Dolly, Jimmy Jibs, and Steadicam, all types of production gear is available with us.


We operate as a film-servicing hub, catering for all your line production needs worldwide.
Eye Focus is leading film service. We’re passionate about filming, film locations and achieving great outcomes for both councils and local residents.
We know that a well-managed film shoot can have far reaching benefits across the film industry and entire communities.
Our thorough understanding of the pace and complexity of film location management combines people skills, expertise and online tools for licences and permits to ensure a successful outcome for everyone.

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